Azure SQL Database Threat Detection

Microsoft have announced that Azure SQL Database Threat Detection will become generally available in April 2017.

What does it do?

It adds another security level on top of the Azure SQL Database service, enabling organisations – even those without database security experts – to enjoy high level security for their online SQL databases.

It can detect potential vulnerabilities, SQL Injection attacks and also anomalous access – I.e. access attempts from unusual locations etc. Email alerts will take the recipient through to the Azure Security Centre, where they can easily see what was accessed/run, who did it and if it was a malicious event.


Whenever organisations look at moving to the Cloud, security is right up at the top of the “things to be seriously considered” list – and rightly so. This new service from Microsoft makes it even more secure for organisations to have active databases in Azure- meaning more organisations will be able to experience the many benefits that can come from moving to the Cloud.

How much is it?

Upon General Availability, the service will cost $15 per server per month.

A good Microsoft post with more info and some customer examples can be found here and a guide to getting Azure SQL Database Threat Detection setup is here.



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