Microsoft School Data Sync

Microsoft announced, on January 23rd 2017, that School Data Sync (SDS) hit general availability.

I have to say that I wasn’t aware of SDS while it was in preview, but it seems like an excellent tool to make life easier for schools. According to Microsoft, it:

“SDS helps schools automatically create online classrooms in Office 365 from their Student Information System (SIS or MIS)” and “imports user profiles and rosters from a SIS into Office 365 and automatically keeps them up to date.”

This saves time for IT and makes things run smoothly for teachers and their classrooms.


SDS can also be used to help integrate 3rd party apps into the Office 365 environment, making them quicker and cheaper to deploy – for both the school and the partner.

If you work in a school or a partner with a focus on the education sector, I’d recommend getting familiar with SDS as it looks to be a great technology.

More info on SDS can be found here.




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