Microsoft Office 365 StaffHub

StaffHub is a new addition to Office365 and is aimed at making it easier and smoother for frontline workers in industries such as retail, hotels, food service to manage their days, rotas and schedules.

Microsoft say the days of having rotas pinned up on bulletin boards are behind us; instead everything can be managed via the StaffHub console and mobile apps.


The app will show upcoming shifts, other people working and also give a quick and easy way for workers to swap shifts with each other. Any changes to shifts are sent to a manager for approval, keeping control, but giving staff a quick, modern, mobile working style.

StaffHub can also be used to disseminate information amongst the team – such as HR policy, employee handbooks etc. and it can also be used to send messages to/between workers.


Microsoft StaffHub is enabled now (on by default) for the following Office365 plans:

  • K1
  • E1
  • E3
  • E5

Both corporate and education variants. It being available in the K1 suite makes a lot of sense as that is aimed at “deskless” workers, so StaffHub is a great addition

The manager console can be found at and there are apps available for iOS and Android.

The full Microsoft post can be found here:




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